Cauvery River

In Trichy, the Cauvery River naturally splits into two branches, the northern branch being called the Coleroon (Kollidam) and the southern branch is called river Cauvery. Cauvery River has vast tributaries which include Coleroon River, Koraiyar River, Ariyar, Malattar channel, Uyyakondan channel and Pullambadi channel drains.

Mukkombu -Kollidam (Upper Anicut)

Mukkombu -Kollidam (Upper Anicut) – A dam known as upper Anicut was constructed in 1836 at a place where the Cauvery divide off into two at the west end of Srirangam and water flows in the Cauvery and Coleroon rivers. In its original form, the upper Anicut consisted of a simple masonary dam of 230 meters in length divided into three parts. Below the Grand Anicut, the Cauvery further splits into two, one is being called the Cauvery and the other, the Vennar River. These channels are utilised as the main channels for irrigation.

Kallanai (Grand Anicut)

Kallanai (Grand Anicut) – one of early ruler Karikala Cholan had constructed the grand Anicut for irrigation purposes. It is one of the oldest manmade dams – Kallanai in the world. It is situated on the northern bank of Cauvery about 16 km east of Trichy city. It is believed to be built in 2nd Century CE by Karikala Cholan, the oldest water-regulation structure which in active use for several centuries.

Pachamalai Hill

Pachamalai Hill is situated about 80 km via Thuraiyur Taluk from Trichy. The average height of the hill is about 610 meters, though a few of its peaks rise to about 1036 meters above the sea. The hill is for trekking, to enjoy nature and the wildlife. It also has Small streams and falls which add colour to these hills.


Puliancholai is situated at the foothills of Kolli Hills and is well attracted by tourists for forest area that is covered in scenic beauty, green plants and tamarind groves. Pulincholai is located 72 kms from Trichy.

The Tropical Butterfly Conservatory Park

The Tropical Butterfly Conservatory Park is situated in the Upper Anaicut reserve Forests in Srirangam spread over 25 acres. The Park has floral patches with children play equipments for the recreational activities and for tropical butterfly conservatory. It has boating facility for kids in the artificial pond. The Park has a 1.2 km walkway for the visitors. The garden is full of nectar flowers and host plants to attract butterflies. A big blue tiger butterfly sculpture can be seen at entrance in the lawn. The garden has fountains, artificial pounds, and suspended bridges, butterfly houses, sculptures of caterpillars, butterflies to attract tourists. It is said to be one of Asia’s biggest Butterfly Park.

Government Museum, Tiruchirappalli

The Government District Museum in Trichy city is a Heritage Centre situated at Rani Mangammal Mahal which is a mid-seventeenth century Palace. The museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits of up to 2000 objects of ancient times. Railway Heritage Centre cum Railway Museum is also situated in Trichy City. It also has both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Anna Science Centre Planetarium

Anna Science Centre Planetarium, Trichy. The Science Centre has various facilities such as a 75-seater planetarium, a 3D theatre to host 3D films like Shark Island, Magic Show, Roller Coaster, etc., an environment gallery which exhibits themes related to eco systems, bio-geochemical cycles, bio-diversity and conservation, and evolution Park showcasing models to demonstrate the evolution of species is present at the centre spread for 2 acres. The Science Centre hosts frequent sky watch programmes where general public and Children can take part to view the celestial objects through telescope for free.

Trichy Gandhi Market

Trichy Gandhi Market is a wholesale farmers’ market opened in 1868 in the city. The market was later expanded in 1927 when P. Rathinavelu Thevar was the Mayor of Trichy City and renamed as Mahatma Gandhi market after Mahatma Gandhi visited the place. This centuries-old market remains attractive for both wholesale and retailers and local keep come here daily in large to shop for fruits, vegetables and other eatables. It also has flower markets.

Srirangam wholesale flower market

The Srirangam wholesale flower market in Trichy is known for its famous garlands and it’s unique for their precision. This flower market is known for many decades for their fragrances of flowers like Jasmine, Champanki, Chrysanthemum, wild jasmine and Pichi which are made available for making garlands to offer to deities. Every day, tonnes of flowers are sent to different parts of the country including Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam.