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Trichy has huge untapped potential to leverageits existing advantages and grow. However, the city lacks a unifying umbrella organization that can mobilize all the key stakeholders for the inclusive development of all segments of business and citizens. The Trichy SEED (Social, Economic, Environment and Development) Forum aims to play this role by undertaking or supporting a range of complex, interconnected, and holistic activities to catalyse the growth of Trichy.

Social, Economic, Environment and Development. – Trichy SEED

The objective of the Trichy SEED Forum is to make Trichy the most preferred destination for investments and business in a range of sectors, across manufacturing, tourism, information technology, sports development, recreational facilities, education, and healthcare, among others.


Trichy Seed

Nestling on the banks of the river Cauvery, Tiruchirappalli or Trichy is one of the oldest cities in India, with a recorded history that goes back to at least the 3rd century BCE. The city blends ancient heritage, an inclusive secular social ethos, a rich educational culture, diverse opportunities for industry, and a great place to live or visit.


Trichy is a great place to live, by virtue of its low cost of housing and living, an excellent local transport network, low pollution levels, wide range of educational institutions at all levels, affordable and world-class healthcare facilities, and diverse tourist attractions both within the city, and a wide range of weekend getaways in the state. Surrounded by verdant and fertile villages, Trichy is also an agricultural hub for a range of cereals, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.



Trichy is well located at the geographical centre of one of the most urbanised states in India, well-connected to the rest of the state and country. Thanks to the Trichy International Airport (one of the oldest in the country), Trichy Railway Junction (second biggest rail junction in Tamil Nadu), and a buzzing Trichy Bus Stand, not to mention an extensive internal and external road transport network that connects to as many as six national highways.





Sustainable Projects

Modernization of Trichy city’s facilities and services in world class standards for the common people.

Promote Investments

Trichy SEED Forum aims to create eco-systems to attract new investments in sectors like information technology, etc.,